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Tap is a great choice for promoting co-ordination, a sense of rhythm and musicality and for strengthening and loosening foot, ankle and leg muscles.


The goal in tap dancing is to produce clear, clean sounds with various levels of tone. The feet are used like drums to create rhythmic sounds and patterns


A typical class will begin with a warm-up, moving onto learning a series of basic steps. As dancers become more proficient, the steps are combined into routines which vary in length from 8 bars of music for younger pupils, to dances of up to 2 minutes in length for senior pupils. The music used varies form jazz to show tunes and pop.






Tap is a very satisfying choice for all age groups. For younger pupils great delight is found from being able to dance and make noise at the same time. As pupils advance, the ability to achieve and perform technically complex steps and rhythms is extremely fulfilling.


Pupils take exams and medal tests which give them a sense of achievement and progression and can help increase their self-confidence. Overall, classes are fun and entertaining so pupils learn in the best possible environment.